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I cherish every triumph and wouldn't trade a single tear. Thank you to each unique family I've served for the trust you had in me to help you along your parenting journey.

-Heather Grace

   "Heather was a great help during my birth. I didn't know what a doula was before becoming pregnant, but it turned out to be a lifesaver to have the extra support to get me through the labor process. My labor was very difficult and lasted 61 hours. Without Heather's expertise, guidance, and comfort, I know it would have been a lot harder and I may not have been able to have a successful vaginal delivery. I'm thankful that Heather was there for me. I highly recommend hiring Heather for your birth.”

-Christal Nelson

First time mother

newborn baby girl

Elizabeth  Rose

Kind words about reverent birth services

new sibling


"Reverent Birth is an absolutely fantastic resource. Natural birth is a breathtakingly beautiful experience, and Heather is uniquely qualified to make your experience as comfortable, peaceful, and sacred as it can possibly be.

However, she is so much more than that.

Unfortunately, I can't have children naturally, and cannot do a VBAC. It's been very traumatic, but Heather was such an immense help and so supportive. Heather knew the ins and outs of my planned second C-section, because we chatted often during and after my pregnancy with my one-year-old. She was an enormous help, even with this type of experience. I highly recommend her services.

-Michelle Strong

Mother of 3

"Heather was such a great help before, during and after labor! It was definitely a blessing to have had the opportunity to have her with us!
During the "interview" with her it felt more like meeting with a long time friend. I am pretty private and conservative when it comes to my body and the idea of laboring with strangers is a little nerve wracking but I knew I didn't want to do it alone, especially my first time around. I felt very comfortable with Heather. We discussed what I thought I was comfortable with and what I wasn't.
She was so encouraging. Without her, my sister-in-law and my husband, laboring would have been much more difficult. They were a great team! I am sad she has moved to a different state. It would have been nice to have her around if/when we have our second baby <3
I highly recommend her for your birthing experience!"
-Baby "E"
First time mom
birthcenter delivery
"Heather is such a knowledgeable, kindhearted, warm soul. I first had the privilege of seeing her welcoming, smile when I would come into Anchorage's Providence Hospital L&D with doula clients in labor. Her unique experience working in labor and delivery will serve her well in her care of and support for her clients! I'm sad for me that she had to go, but excited to hear about all of the women, babies, and families she'll get to work with and bless."

-Shanna Switzer

mother of 4

Alaska Birth Doula

VP of Alaska Birth Collective

Have your very best birth!

“... I have had the pleasure of working with Heather on Labor and Delivery for the past year.  She has gone above and beyond her role...Her interactions with patients and their significant others can be described as nothing less than compassionate and caring.    

... She has shown great dedication to maternal health and wellness and she will make an excellent midwife, one in whom I would feel privileged to work with given the opportunity...”


-Elizabeth VonderHaar, MD

Staff OBGYN, Providence Health

and Services Alaska, 2016

obstetrician doctor OBGYN
golden hour skin to skin

"Heather is amazing. I was admitted into the hospital with my first baby and my first ever labor. Even though I work in the labor and delivery unit it was still terrifying. Heather was able to help me through contractions and remind me to bend and sway into the pain instead of pulling away.

She supported my decision to get an epidural even though I originally wanted to do this naturally. Her support never wavered. She stayed with me all day and was great with helping my husband. When it came time that the epidural had worn off and I was getting close she was right there with her support.

I'm only disappointed that she has to move out of Anchorage and won't be here for my next delivery. I'm strongly considering flying here back for baby #2!"

-Raichel Harris

Mommy to Chandra Alexandria

"I was a little nervous because I hadn't heard anything about Heather before and I'm very picky about who comes around my babies, but the night I went into labor, I had slacked on finding a doula and I had been meaning to talk to Heather sooner, I just hadn't done it. I texted her and within 30 minutes, she had replied- even after working a 12 hour shift, she came by the house  and helped out for about 5 1/2-6 hours! 

I have a one year old and a newborn and Heather was very sweet and tried to help as much as possible with my one year old, even though she screamed and cried (she's a mommys girl) for the first 30 minutes Heather was here, but she was very calm while my daughter adjusted, and my daughter even gave her hugs! (:

I'm so thankful my midwife and her team pointed me in Heather's direction! I would recommend her to anyone!"

-Mercedes Runkel

Mother of 2

newborn homebirth baby

Korra Storm

Words fall flat trying to describe why I’d recommend inviting Heather into your birth journey, but I’m sure within minutes of meeting her you’d see exactly why you’d want her around. We had the privilege of Heather assisting with the birth of our daughter.

Labor was intense and fast with little chance to discuss strategy. Despite these conditions and having never met before (not the typical setup), Heather was able to read what I needed and jumped in to provide the support to keep me moving toward holding our baby.


Her treatment was equally supportive of my partner—something we’ve found to unfortunately not be the norm in the world of birth services. It was clear Heather hadn’t simply chosen to work as a doula out of just an interest or even a passion for babies and birth, but rather because of a deep respect for the importance of and gifting to serve people through the transformative process of pregnancy, labor, birth, and those early postpartum stages. Her services are truly reverent and I cannot imagine having received better care from anyone else.

-Tyler & Tye Borsa

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