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Educating & empowering families for their very best birth
As a certified birth doula, Heather Grace works with parents through the journey of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She believes that you are capable of growing, birthing, and caring for your babies and she provides the information and support to help you thrive.

birth doula

Emotional, physical, and informational support for your very best birth

postpartum care

Experienced support for the early days of parenthood

childbirth education

The ins and outs of all things pregnancy, birth, & postpartum


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Reverent Birth provides evidence-based care by offering:


  • birth & postpartum doula services

  • individualized childbirth education

  • labor preparation

  • breast/chestfeeding/pumping support

  • skilled newborn care 


Experience and specialized training in:


  • evidence-based care for birther & baby

  • homebirth, birth center & hospital birth

  • military, LGBTQ & non-traditional families

  • holistic coping techniques & natural labor progression

  • high intervention & planned cesarean birth

  • postpartum & newborn care 

  • cesarean birth recovery 

Have your very best birth!


 Reverent Birth Services provides education and empowerment to birthers and families during the transformative time surrounding pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We seek to improve our community with the experience of those before us, the knowledge of the most current evidence based practices, and the access to resources available in our area. Worldwide, we look to impact the birth community to increase positive maternal/fetal outcomes and birth satisfaction- both of which will improve life for generations to come.  

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